Welcome to the newest member of the Woodin Lab!

The Woodin Lab is pleased to welcome Dr. Azam Asgarhafshejani to the team for a post-doctoral project! Please see the team members page for additional information on Dr. Asgarhafshejani’s background and stay tuned in the months to come for the exciting data she will be generating using a new model of auditory learning!

Canadian Association for Neuroscience meeting 2019 is here!

Woodin Lab is excited to be heading to the CAN meeting in Toronto and if you’d like to get caught up on some of our most recent work don’t miss Dr. Woodin’s lecture “Regulation of KCC2 as a target for treatment of Autism” on Friday, May 24 at 13:30 as part of Parallel Symposium 6! Also, please visit our posters during Poster session 2 on Friday, May 24 at 15:30: Lynn Liang is presenting poster 2-B-27 Investigating interneuron subtype-specific inhibitory spike-timing dependent plasticity in the primary motor cortex and Melissa Seranilla is presenting poster 2-C-67 Striatal chloride homeostasis and inhibitory synaptic transmission is altered in huntington’s disease. We’ll see you there!

Happy International Women’s Day from the Woodin Lab!!!!

Today we celebrate women across the world for all that they do professionally and personally. In the Woodin Lab we are obviously led by a strong, powerful, and outspoken female neuroscientist but we are also proud to be a lab that always has and continues to be comprised primarily of strong, intelligent women. We believe that one of the best ways to inspire girls and young women to enter into STEM education and careers is to provide a bright and successful example of what a laboratory led and staffed by women looks like; we strive to project that reality outwards whenever possible. Many thanks to all the women who have contributed to the Woodin Lab’s success over the years, to the women who continue to do so, and to those who will do so in the future!!!